The Acolyte theory suggests Qimir’s Sith master was hiding in plain sight in episode 7

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 7.

So, we finally know what went down on Brendok. In the latest episode of The Acolyte, we get a flashback sequence revealing what exactly happened in the lead-up to the fire. It turns out that the Jedi were not very well-behaved at all. Not only did Sol kill Mother Aniseya with his lightsaber, but after Indara freed Kelnacca from the witches’ possession, she left them for dead too.

However, despite the high body count, some viewers think that one character might have survived: Mother Koril. She disappears into a cloud of smoke after fighting Sol and Torbin before she helps possess Kelnacca. Although importantly, we don’t see her among the witches chanting to keep the Wookie under their control. Nor do we see her among the bodies of those who have collapsed. So what happened to Koril?

“So Koril is still out there, right? We never saw her die,” wrote one Redditor, as another suggested: “I’m almost positive she saves Mae”. A third speculated that she may even be Qimir’s Sith Master, who has yet to be revealed in the show. “Saying it now Koril is the Sith who Qimir is under,” they speculated, while another pointed out that Koril seems to be firmly on the dark side. “‘Good girl. Get mad.’ Could be a tip-off there,” they added.

It’s certainly an intriguing theory, but not everyone is so convinced. “It’s implied she turned into a ‘cloud’ and took over Kelnacca. So when Indra freed him, she would not have survived,” another viewer reasoned. Well, it seems like we’ll have to just wait and see in the season finale. Check out our The Acolyte release schedule to make sure you don’t miss it.

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