The Terraria x Factorio sandbox game dreamed up by automation nerds everywhere finally exists and is off to a great start on Steam

AutoForge is the newest indie game on Steam to mash together two hyper-popular ideas, mixing Terraria’s side-scrolling exploration with Factorio’s intense management. Released into early access earlier this week, on … Read More

Helldivers 2’s next Major Order just suffered a lethal setback, and High Command blames “diverted” bugdivers and creekers for the loss

Helldivers 2’s ongoing Major Order has tasked the community with liberating Tibit before the weekend is done, but the war effort on the Galactic West just suffered a fatal setback … Read More

This dark fantasy Metroidvania hooked me in 30 seconds, and some other people too since it’s 285% Kickstarter funded after 3 days

Eden’s Guardian is an upcoming Metroidvania that immediately had me hooked with its hand-drawn pixel art and teleporting action, but it seems I wasn’t alone, as its Kickstarter campaign has … Read More