While Star Wars Outlaws will let you run and hide from the Imperial officers thanks to its GTA-style Wanted system, its director ominously teases that “there are Death Troopers for a reason”

As an open-world adventure, Star Wars Outlaws is promising plenty of freedom when it comes to exploring its selection of planets, but it also sounds like it’ll give us a level of choice over how to deal with the Imperial officers enforcing the GTA-style wanted system.

In a new interview with IGN, game director Mathias Karlson says that we’ll be able to run, hide, and even bribe Imperial officers when trying to get ourselves out of trouble with the Empire, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll all be smooth sailing. “It has a good range of escalation and de-escalation,” he begins. 

“It’s really up to you if you want to try and hide or maybe bribe an Imperial officer that’s a bit corrupt in a city somewhere, or try to hyper jump to a different space region. But you will feel it,” he continues. “And let’s just say there are Death Troopers for a reason.”

Well, that’s ominous. Karlson doesn’t elaborate any further on this, so it’s not clear exactly when the Death Troopers might make an appearance, although the way he mentions them makes it sound like they could be there to make sure we can’t just easily get around the Empire every single time. The Death Troopers are a bunch who know what they’re doing, after all, and encountering one should hopefully never feel like you’ve just run into a standard Stormtrooper grunt who can be dealt with in a matter of seconds. 

In the same interview, Karlson also mentions Outlaws’ reputation system. As she explores the galaxy, protagonist Kay Vess will be able to form positive relationships with various different crime syndicates, and as well as offering bonuses like easy access to territory they control, your buddies “might join in and help you out” if they stumble across you while you’re dealing with the Empire. Hopefully they’ll still stand by us if we happen to be facing off against a Death Trooper, then.

Most planets in Star Wars Outlaws only take “four or five minutes” to cross on a speeder – the size of three Assassin’s Creed Odyssey zones stitched together.

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