X-Men ’97 season 3 is a go, with What If writer replacing previous showrunner

X-Men ’97 season 3 is a go, and it will be penned by another Marvel animated show scribe. 

The X-Men show recently wrapped up season 1 on Disney Plus, with season 2 and season 3 on the way. 

According to Deadline, Matthew Chancey, writer and producer on What If, will write the third season of X-Men ’97. He’s replacing original showrunner Beau DeMayo, who suddenly parted ways with Marvel before season 1 of the animated show had even aired. 

He’d already scripted season 2, though, but Deadline’s report notes that these scripts have been “revised”. Season 2 is said to be in production, while season 3 is still in development. 

“I did write a lot of season 2. However, unlike season 1, I will not be heavily involved or leading production, cast records, design, editorial, post, music, etc., nor doing any production rewrites as it relates to the creative vision of the show,” DeMayo shared on Twitter back in May 2024. It’s unclear why DeMayo and Marvel parted ways. 

Chauncey is set to work with returning director Jake Castorena, with original X-Men: The Animated Series executive producers Larry Houston and Eric and Julia Lewald staying on as consulting producers. 

“It’s still an animatic phase. Animation takes so long to make as I’m sure you know. There was a great bit about this in Invincible season 2,” Marvel streaming boss Brad Winderbaum said recently of X-Men ’97 season 2. “They just nailed it so hard, it is the greatest. And it takes a long time. Because the studio wants to see how successful the first season is before they greenlight the second season there’s a lag. We were lucky enough to get the greenlight before we aired so there’s maybe less of a lag. People are just going to have to be patient with us.” 

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