Blue Beetle Animated Series Is In The Works — Report

The Blue Beetle movie had a very modest $130.8 million worldwide take when it hit theaters last year. While those numbers weren’t high enough to guarantee a Blue Beetle sequel, DC Studios is reportedly planning an animated series that may feature Xolo Maridueña and the rest of the supporting cast reprising their roles from the movie.

Deadline broke the story about the potential Blue Beetle animated series, which notes that no deals with the film’s cast have currently been reached. However, cast members have been approached and the actors have shown interest in returning. Instead of retelling the events of the movie, the Blue Beetle animated series will tell new stories that build upon the first adventure of Jamie Reyes (Maridueña). It also holds out the possibility that Maridueña could reprise his role in live-action on the big screen if the show is successful.

Blue Beetle did have a lingering thread that was left for a sequel in the mid-credits scene, when Ted Kord–the previous Blue Beetle and the father of Jamie’s love interest, Jenny Kord (Bruna Marquezine), sent a distress signal to his headquarters indicating that he is still alive. The animated series could also potentially explore the origin of the sentient alien scarab that bonded with Jaime, which was only lightly touched upon in the film.

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