New Netflix anime movie debuts to 100% Rotten Tomatoes score

Netflix and anime go hand-in-hand at the moment. Case in point: Ultraman: Rising, the latest in a long line of exciting new anime movies and shows this year, has debuted to a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score just days before release.

As of writing, Ultraman: Rising is sitting pretty on a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score. Mind you, this is still early days: only eight reviews have been used as weighting for this aggregate – but it’s an extremely promising start.

Centering on baseball star Ken Sato as he takes on the mantle of Ultraman (an ultra-popular superhero in Japan), the hero must juggle saving the day with babysitting a 35-foot baby kaiju, Emi.

“She’s got a touch of Looney Tunes, a smidge of ’70s Japanese kids shows, and a lot of my daughter when she was a toddler,” director Shannon Tindle told SFX of the inspirations behind Emi. “One of the greatest rewards from early screenings has been watching how people connect with Emi on a personal level. That’s an incredible feeling.”

Netflix has plenty more anime and animated adventures still to come this year. Arcane season 2 hits our screens in November, and we’ve now got an intriguing poster to help while away the months-long wait. 

A Tomb Raider animated series is also in the works and the new trailer shows off the Hayley Atwell-voiced adventurer in fine style. 

Elsewhere, the first season of one of the best anime of the year – Delicious in Dungeon – is coming to an end this week after cooking up a storm on the streamer.

Ultraman: Rising hits Netflix on June 14. For more, check out our picks for the best anime on Netflix.

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