The Minecraft Manga Is Real, Available To Preorder

You probably already know that Minecraft will soon be getting an official movie and a TV show, but did you know it’ll also be a manga in the near future, too? Well, technically it already exists–the Minecraft manga originally made its debut in 2020 in CoroCoro magazine, but its finally getting an English localization by VIZ Media next year.

Preorders are now live for the Minecraft manga–a sentence many of you never expected to ever read–and you can get the first volume through Amazon for $12 ahead of its March 11, 2025 release.

The Japanese edition of Minecraft Vol. 1

Based on the official synopsis, it sounds like the Minecraft manga hits the main appeals of the video game version, featuring a big, adventurous story about exploration, crafting, and slashing zombies. “Peaceful life in a perfectly constructed town bores 10-year-old Nico into mischief,” the description reads. “Riding Creepers while they explode is fun and all, but what he really wants is to escape the blocky confines of his home and take his crafting skills on an adventure to the ends of the Overworld. Just how big is the world, anyway, and what could stand in his way? Nico gets his chance to prove how strong he’s become when zombies attack! After modding an innovative solution to repel the undead foes, Nico earns the right to go on the adventure he’s always wanted. But right away, he runs into another zombie…and this one can talk!”

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